How do I use the Target Geography component?

Our Target Geography component is easy to use!

It allows you to define regions that you want your content to display in.

There are three different ways to target your users. You can use combinations of all three.

  1. Geo Fences
  2. State Regions
  3. Zip Code Regions

There are three types of precision mode

  1. Geo-IP: Obtains the users location by their IP address. Does not prompt for location sharing.
  2. Device: Obtains the location of the device. This is the most accurate but it will prompt for location sharing.
  3. Device + Geo-IP (recommended): Prompts for location sharing, if declined falls back on their geo IP.

Geo Fence Tool

  • The Geo Fence tool allows you to create custom polygons
  • You can choose to use their geo ip, which will not prompt for location
  • You can also use their device location which will prompt for location sharing

State Selector

  • State selector allows you to select one or multiple states at a time.

Zip Code Selector

  • Select one or multiple zip codes
  • Paste in up to hundreds of zip codes in the zip code dialog box

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