The sites page is the first place you go once you have added your installation script.

Navigate to Organization > Sites > and click 'add site' to add a new site or 'edit site' if your site is already added.

On the sites page you can add sites, connect your locator, and configure push notifications.

Domain: First, add your site's domain, additionally enter a mobile domain if your site uses .

  1. Add your sites domain. Do not add any 'http://www.' or '/' to the beginning or end of your domain.
  2. If you have a different domain for mobile users, add that domain. Note: You must also add the install script to your mobile site.
  3. Check this box if your site uses the same domain for mobile users.
  4. Toggle the Google Analytics toggle if you would like Google Analytics to track your CloudEngage data.
  5. Toggle Persistent Inbox on if you want to add an inbox to your site.
  6. Toggle Push Notifications if you would like to enable Push Notification functionality to your site
note: If you enable persistent inbox or push notifications CloudEngage will automatically add your visitor tools widget to your website. 

Customize your Visitor Tools position, colors, and logo.

  1. Choose an icon of your companies liking
  2. Select your colors and background shape. 
  3. Choose Icon View or Extended view.
  4. Choose the positioning of the Visitor Tools for Desktop and Mobile.

If you would like to enable push notifications on your site, toggle the push notification on / off switch.

  • Add a logo for your sites push notifications.
  • The recommended aspect ratio for push notification logo's is 1x1.
  • Give your logo some breathing room around the edges so that it looks good when border radius is applied (circle).

Customize your push notification alert.

  • Your push notification alert will appear on your site when users visit from a supporting browser. (Chrome 42+ (Desktop/Android), Safari 7+)
  • When they click the link they will be sent to your push notification subscription page.

Add frequency to your alert.

  • Session: The time that must elapse before the alert will display again.
  • Interval: The number of page refreshed before the alert will display again.
  • Threshold: The 'lifetime' number of times the alert will display.

Customize your push notification subscription page

  1. Add a customized message to inform users about the benefits of push notifications.
  2. Add channels for your users to subscribe to.
  3. Channels allow your users to subscribe to content that they are interested in.

Add your Locator Target URL(s).

  1. To easily add a link to your locator add the URL of the link in the box.
  2. Obtain your URL by right clicking on any link on your page, selecting copy URL, then, paste it in the input box.

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