The Locations page enables you to create different locations for the CloudEngage locator

Setting up your locations is quick and easy. Navigate to Organization > Locations.

First, choose which save type you would like to use for this location, then add some managers if any.
  • Active: For immediate use
  • Inactive: Not in use
  • Archived: For future use


  • Add your address and phone number so it's easy for your customers to contact your location

Hours of Operation

  • Add your locations hours of operations.
  • Click 'Set Closed' to set the day for closed.

Custom Links

  • Add custom links to your location for a promotion.

Social Integration

  • Add your Facebook feed so people can see what your up to right from the locator.

Filter Tags

  • Filter tags give you the ability to ad filtering capabilities to your locations.
  • Enable your customers to quickly find what they are looking.


  • Departments can be added to give customers an idea of what each location offers.
  • Each organization can have up to four departments.
  • A custom description can be added by clicking on one of the departments

Departments Page

On each departments page you can specify
  • Images
  • Description
  • Contact Info
  • Hours of Operation
  • Custom Links
  • Social Integration

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