Organization Defaults

After you have installed the CloudEngage widget, it's time to set up your organizations default settings and locator information.

If you have not yet installed the CloudEngage widget, please see the installation instructions under Getting Started > Installation.

In the CloudEngage admin, navigate to Organization > Defaults

Underneath 'Profile', type in your organizations corporate information along with a logo or representative image.


  • Departments can be added to give customers an idea of what each location offers.
  • Each organization can have up to four departments.
  • A custom description can be added for each department in the locations page.

Hours of Operation

  • You can set your hours of operation organization wide, or specify them per location.
  • Hours of operation will populate in each location.

Custom Links

  • Custom links are great for giving your customers a way to go directly to a department, special promo, website, or social media.
  • Two custom links can be added to each location.

Social Integration

  • Add your Facebook feed to the locator so customers can see what your up to.
  • Facebook feed also shows how many likes your organization has.

Filter Tags

  • Filter tags give you the ability to ad filtering capabilities to your locations.
  • Enable your customers to quickly find which of your stores carry what they are looking for.

Locator Widget Settings

  • Enable your mobile landing page to be your locator.
  • Set the distance for locations to appear.
  • Set the min and max number of locations to appear.

Default Permissions

  • Default Permissions enable or disable the integration of the features listed.

Here is a great use case of our locator 

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