Forms are a great way to obtain customer information by having them fill out forms.

Forms can easily be added to modals after they are created.

Forms are easy to create and customize in CloudEngage with our drag-n-drop form creator and custom message editors. In the CloudEngage admin, navigate to content > forms. Then click create form in the top right corner.

First, choose the state you would like your form to be saved in from the dropdown in the top right corner of the page.
  • Active: Ready for live viewing
  • Archived: Saved for future use
Next, add a description for your form. This description will be for you to find your form amongst the others later.

Building your form

  • Drag and drop form elements into the form editor.
  • Once they are in the form editor, click on one to edit.
  • If you add a select box to the form editor, click on it and create the names of the selections.

    Edit your success and/or error messages to match your organizations personal voice. (optional)

    Now you are ready to configure your Email. Choose either Plain Text, XML or Json.

    • Plain text emails are great for quick implementation
    • XML and JSON are parseable formats most commonly used for CRM integration

    Here is an example of an XML Email Configuration

    Your form fields will populate below the template as you create them. Then simply inject the placeholders by clicking on them.

    Once you have your forms made, you can insert them into Modals in the Modal creation page or archive them for future use.

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