Replacement Images

Replacement Images are images on your website that are swapped out based on the users location.

Geo images are perfect for using your local marketing campaigns on your web pages.

Setting up GeoImages are quick and easy. In the CloudEngage admin, navigate to content > geoimages. Then click create geoimage in the top right corner.

First, choose the site you want your GeoImage on
Next, choose the state you would like your GeoImage to be in from the dropdown in the top right corner of the page.

  • Preview: Will only display if you are logged in to your CloudEngage admin
  • Active: Ready for live viewing
  • Inactive: Will not be displayed
  • Archived: Saved for future use
Next, add a description. This description will be for you to find your GeoImage amongst the others later.

Build your GeoImage

  • Use the target image selector to select an image on your website
  • Next, choose replacement images, and give them geo-locational boundaries by selecting the replacement image, and then selecting GeoIP(s)
  • GeoImages only supports the use of the Geo IP state / zip selector
  • You can also add a link or image map to your GeoImage if you want to add a link / button on your image

Set up your display schedule

  • Set your start and end dates for your geo image campaigns.
  • You can even set specific daily times.
  • You can choose to set a start date, or start immediately.
  • Make sure to set an end date or your GeoImages will not save.

Add specific page URLs for your geo images.

  • You can set specific page URLs if your selected image is on multiple pages and you only want them to swap on certain pages.

Tip: Make sure your replacement images are the same dimensions as the original image so that your webpage layout is not effected by the replacement.

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