Offers are injected into the locator so you can create customer engagement on a location level by offering limited time offers.

Offers are easy to create and drive customers to your store quickly

  • Offers are perfect for driving customers to your store
  • You can run multiple offers at a time
  • Customers can print the offer directly from the locator
  • Having an end dates give customers incentive to act fast

Setting up Offers are quick and easy. In the CloudEngage admin, navigate to content > offers. Then click create offer in the top right corner.

First, choose the state you would like your offer to be in from the dropdown in the top right corner of the page.
  • Preview: Will only display if you are logged in to your CloudEngage admin
  • Active: Ready for live viewing
  • Inactive: Will not be displayed
  • Archived: Saved for future use
Next, choose if you would like this offer to be one time only.

Now you are ready to begin building your offer

  • Give your offer a title and description.
  • As you type your text will populate into the offer preview window to the right.
  • Your title and description are what your customers will see in your offer.

Give your offer a Display Schedule

  • You can either set a start date, or start immediately
  • Make sure you choose an end date or else your offer will not save.
  • The end date is the deadline for redeeming the offer.

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