Your dashboard provides you with a snapshot of your latest CloudEngage events.

Below is a list of how you can toggle your dashboard view to get the most out of your analytics. 


  • Select which report type you would like to view by using the report dropdown in the upper lefthand corner. 
Time Period
  • To change the time period you can either manually enter them in the text fields, choose a date from the date picker or by selecting a time period from the dropdown.
  • You can refine your graph even further by clicking and dragging on the graph to zoom into that particular time period.
  • You can also roll up your data points by Hour, Day, Week or Month by selecting one of the options on the top of the graph.
Notification Metrics
  • Your notification metrics are broken up into two sections.
  • The left two numbers are a total of your actionable and non actionable numbers.
  • The numbers to the right of the pipe are the total number of actionable notifications.
           actionable: notifications with a link, an image map or a form. 
  • Finally, your conversion rate lets you see the ratio of your actionable notification views vs actions taken.

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